$1 billion shortfall faced by Texas’ public schools, says official

Dive Summary:

  • As Texas’ school finance trial resumed before District Judge John Dietz Monday after a three-week holiday break, the Texas Education Agency’s CFO Shirley Beaulieu revealed that the state’s public education system is running $1 billion short.
  • In order for the state’s school districts to make their July expense payments, $1 billion in supplemental appropriations will have to be requested from the state legislature.
  • Attorneys for the more than 600 school districts that have sued Texas for the way it funds public schools say that the shortfall reported shows that the funding situation is far worse than previously believed.

From the article:

Public Education in Texas is running $1 billion short, meaning officials will soon have to seek that much in supplemental appropriations from the state legislature. That's what Shirley Beaulieu, chief financial officer at the Texas Education Agency, told the court Monday during the state's sweeping school finance trial. ...

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