5 ed tech podcasts you should listen to

Educators facilitate others' learning experiences, but their own learning experiences are far from over. Through podcasts, educators can learn even more about their field and the forces impacting it — especially education technology.


Apple's iTunes store has an entire page devoted to ed tech podcasts. Sorting out the best listens can be a daunting task, so to make things easier, we've compiled a list of the XX you should check out today. 


1. TEDTalks Education

Host: Varying speakers

This one seems like a no-brainer. TEDTalks, delivered at a set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, have become wildly popular among a variety of audiences not just for the big-name presenters that have been featured, but for their premise — the speaker is required to convey their best ideas in innovative and engating ways in a maximum of 18 minutes. The TEDTalks Education podcast gathers those talks focused on education, and includes such gifted presenters as Sir Ken Robinson, futurist Ray Kurzweil, Khan Academy's Salman Khan, Bill Gates, Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller, and Colin Powell.

2. Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Host: Wesley A. Fryer

Since 2005, Wesley A. Fryer has produced "Moving at the Speed of Creativity," a podcast that focuses on ed tech and digital literacy. Other topics sometimes include history and science. The iTunes page for the podcast has the 113 most recent installments. Fryer also publishes the "Fuel for Educational Change Agents" podcast — a collection of unedited and lightly edited ed tech conference presentations, keynotes, and workshops — and his website contains a variety of other helpful resources.


3. The Ed Tech Crew Podcast

Hosts: Darrel Branson and Tony Richards

Australian duo Darrel Branson and Tony Richards host "The Ed Tech Crew Podcast," which focuses on the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in education. Issues are discussed, useful websites and tech are shared, and U.S. listeners get a unique perspective from across the Pacific. There's even an app available on both iTunes and Android! You can find the 20 most recent episodes on iTunes here.

4. House of #EdTech

​Host: Christopher J. Nesi

"House of #EdTech" is a newly launched podcast, with only two episodes so far. That means there's still time for you to easily catch up! Hosted by Christopher J. Nesi, a New Jersey social studies teacher who has taught at the middle and high school levels, the podcast explores how technology is impacting the way teachers teach, as well as its effects on education overall. 

5. Instructional Tech Talk

Host: Jeff Herb

Though a new episode hasn't been released in several months, "Instructional Tech Talk" with Illinois-based educator and administrator Jeff Herb is among the highest-rated ed tech podcasts on iTunes. Herb's goal is simple: To make implementing technology in your class, building, or district easier, regardless of your position — be it classroom teacher or superintendent. The Instructional Tech Talk website also features a variety of resources, ranging from articles to weekly challenges.


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