5 technologies that are revolutionizing education

Dive Summary:

  • The Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings has published "Education Technology Success Stories," a paper outlining five education technology innovations reshaping the field of education.
  • The authors, Darrell M. West and Joshua Bleiberg, identify massive open online courses (MOOCs), robot assisted language learning (RALL), Minecraft, computerized adaptive testing (CAT) and stealth assessment as five proven technologies that can make education significantly more efficient and effective.
  • The paper concludes these technologies are starting to fracture the compartmentalized structure of the American education system; these technologies are freeing teachers to get creative, collaborate with other educators and act as the leaders of flexible education models which prize, above all else, the effectiveness of their teaching.

From the article: 

"... Education faces unique resource problems beyond financial issues. The school day has a finite length and instructional time is a precious commodity. American students spend less time in the classroom than many other countries elsewhere in the world. Teaching is a complex job that includes a number of rote but time consuming tasks. Tools that facilitate the memorization of basic facts free up teachers to help students who need personalized interventions. Every extra minute spent teaching makes a difference over the course of the school year. ..."

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