Bloomberg donates $350M to Johns Hopkins

Dive Summary:

  • On Sunday, Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City, donated $350 million to his alma mater, John Hopkins University. 
  • Bloomberg's donations to the university now total $1.1 billion over the past 40 years, making him the most generous living donor to any higher educational institution in the U.S.
  • Bloomberg, who has pledged to donate his entire $25 billion fortune before he dies, has financed the construction of a physics building, a children's hospital, a school of public health, a stem-cell research facility, a malaria institute and a new library wing on campus; he has also commissioned multiple art installations and pays for 20% of all need-based financial aid for udnergraduates at the school.

From the article:

"... 'The modern story of Hopkins is inextricably linked to him,' said Ronald J. Daniels, the university’s president, as he walked around the campus recently. 'When you look at these great investments that have transformed American higher education, it’s Rockefeller, it’s Carnegie, it’s Mellon, it’s Stanford — and it’s Bloomberg.'

Hopkins, in return, has become something of a brain trust for Mr. Bloomberg, shaping his approach to issues like cigarette smoking, gun violence and obesity. ..."

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