Calif. Gov. Brown's budget redirects money to underprivileged schools

Dive Summary:

  • In his 2013-14 budget proposal Thursday, California Gov. Jerry Brown announced his intention to shift additional education dollars to school districts with poorer students and English learners.
  • Referred to as "local flexibility," Brown's plan is designed to be introduced in phases and would give more money to districts where at least 50% of the population is poor or learning English, with suburban schools potentially feeling the pinch.
  • Brown's proposed budget also increases per student funding at all levels, with K-12 schools seeing an increase of $2,681 by the 2016-17 school year and CSU and UC seeing increases of $2,000 and $2,500 respectively.

From the article:

Brown proposed a similar plan last year: a so-called “weighted student formula” that gets rid of a lot of special programs and allots money at a flat rate per student, giving an extra 35 percent for low-income students and English learners. The idea, however, was ultimately trimmed from the budget. ...

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Top image credit: Bob Tilden