Campus professionals' tablet use booms

Dive Summary:

  • A recent CDW-G poll illustrates the surge of work-related tablet use by higher education professionals, with 88% of the 153 tablet users surveyed reporting that they have been using their devices for one year or less.
  • With 75% of respondents to the December poll reporting that they still use a laptop for work and 71% still using desktop computers, it remains unlikely that tablets will replace standard computers in the immediate future.
  • The top five software programs/applications reported by the tablet users included e-mail, web browser, office/productivity suites, file storage and social media, and 78% said they felt that using a tablet made them a better multitasker

From the article:

Tablet use has exploded among higher education professionals in the past year, according to a December poll of 153 tablet users conducted by CDW-G. Of those polled, fully 88 percent have been using their devices for one year or less. And, in an era of BYOD, it's interesting to note that 56 percent of respondents are bringing their own tablets to work, compared with just 39 percent who say that their employers have provided them. ...

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