Can a personality quiz boost donor support?

Dive Brief:

  • University Business profiles a new approach to donor cultivation and targeted giving: offering online quizzes to stakeholders to determine the best fund to which they can give.  
  • The University of Notre Dame and The Ohio State University are two of the institutions using microsites to walk current and potential donors through a series of questions, and using their answers to narrow down specific funds which most align with their support interests.
  • Both quizzes engage viewers to reconnect with the campus through pictures or messages and function as a mini-personality test in connection with their philanthropic goals.

Dive Insight:

If college leaders can afford to do so, this is a cost-effective and viral tool to reach donors with a new form of asking. It allows users to engage where they are with any kind of device and encourages stakeholders to share their results with their social networks, which could invite some in their personal circles to create mini campaigns among their own groups of users.

In many ways, it is the new version of the text message giving campaign, which years ago captivated people to give because of the ease with which contributions could be made. Leaders should consider working with marketing or philanthropy agencies to determine which kinds of quiz and platform would match best with the online habits of donors.

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Top image credit: Public Domain