Districts increasingly looking to social media in teacher recruitment

Dive Brief:

  • Recruiters seeking out new teaching candidates are increasingly viewing the use of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as essential when finding prospects.
  • Nationwide teacher shortages have led to around-the-clock recruitment for some districts, which utilize online platforms in addition to traditional application techniques. 
  • A recent Pew study shows that 33% of Americans use social-media platforms, 35% of social-media users use platforms for job hunting, and 21% have applied for a job they found through social media, Education Week reports.

Dive Insight:

With the ongoing issue of teacher shortages, districts that are already using social media like Facebook and LinkedIn certainly have an advantage  especially since the majority of younger candidates are already online and using various platforms. Social media utilization by recruiters will also likely help districts find and retain more diverse candidates. A reported 7% of teachers and 11% of principals are black, percentages which are disproportionately low when compared with the national racial breakdown. Minority teachers and principals, however, do tend to hold more credentials.

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