East Carolina U. sues Cisco over catchphrase

Dive Summary:

  • East Carolina University (ECU) has filed a lawsuit against Cisco Systems over the unauthorized use of its trademark slogan in Cisco's new marketing campaign.
  • On Dec. 10, Cisco launched a $100 million marketing campaign featuring the tagline, "Tomorrow Starts Here."
  • After filing the lawsuit, Chancellor Steve Ballard contended that ECU used the slogan for over a decade and that the university-wide brand "represents an overlapping field of goods and services when compared with that of Cisco."

From the article:

"... Cisco kicked off a $100 million marketing campaign using the slogan on December 10 in an effort to position itself as a broader information technology company as it seeks to expand its software and services offerings.

'Tomorrow Starts Here is our new tagline, we're going to have a global integrated campaign with print and television advertising, a lot of digital marketing, social media, public relations, a whole integrated approach to this,' Cisco's brand chief Blair Christie told last month. ..."

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