Education researcher Hess calls U.S. education model ‘outdated’

Dive Summary:

  • Frederick Hess, director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative policy think tank, said during a lecture Monday that the U.S. education system’s problem isn’t money or teachers, but that its model is outdated.
  • During his talk at the World Affairs event held by St. John’s the Evangelist Church in Naples, Fla., Hess offered three ways he believes the U.S. education system can improve—spending money differently, using talent differently and making smarter use of technology.
  • Hess also made analogies using companies like General Motors, saying that if those companies must survive by adapting to new ways of doing business in place of the old ways they’re accustomed to, so to should the nation’s schools.

From the article:

The problem with the U.S. education system is not that the country doesn't invest enough money in it, or teachers don't care about students, or reformers hate teachers. It's that the model is outdated and the world has changed drastically. That was the message a renowned education researcher shared with a Collier County audience during a lecture Monday afternoon. ...

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