Google launches app store for educators

Dive Summary:

  • Google Play for Education was announced Wednesday, potentially changing the way teachers push apps, books and other content to student tablets, as well as forcing Apple to step up its educational efforts with the iPad.
  • Play for Education is basically an app store built with teachers in mind and featuring powerful management tools, making it possible for teachers to search by categories including age range and subject matter, to see reviews from other teachers and to automatically push an app to all students within a defined Google Group.
  • The catch, however, is that the entire classroom must be set up on Google Apps and using Android tablets connected to a Google Group.

From the article:

... “When I go visit my kids’ classrooms, it looks pretty much exactly like it did when I went to school,” said Chris Yerga, Google’s engineering director at Google I/O. “Teachers told us that in education, there’s a huge gap between what’s possible with technology and what’s practical, especially with mobile technology. And then they told us it was Google’s job to fix this.” ... 

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