Higher ed faces new imperative from business, vocation demands

Dive Brief:

  • Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said recently that professional skills in business, vocational tech will be critical to international development in the near future.
  • Information Technology, Media and Entertainment, and professional services are likely to be among the fastest growing industries, and will require a boost in the number of skilled and credentialed employees to work in these fields.
  • Degree programs which offer specific industrial focus will be assets to new graduates and professionals looking for careers in these emerging industries, he said.

Dive Insight:

As the liberal arts mission and higher education culture views college as a more than a manufacturing plant churning out work-ready robots, global industry and financial markets are expecting schools to do just that, in order to help society adapt to changes in technology and export.

Universities will be well-suited in working with students to determine career interest and aptitude early in their academic careers. Most schools are already using predictive analytics to aid students in remaining on a chosen academic path, but the next step is using similar technology to help students realize which jobs they are best at doing, and most likely to find fulfilling after graduation.

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