How technology can make student onboarding faster and safer

Dive Brief:

  • EdTech Magazine offers a view into the benefits of automatic digital onboarding, the process of establishing email and single-sign on access for students, faculty and staff that can make IT development faster, easier and more secure for campus stakeholders. 
  • Programs like OneLogin are examples of how schools create and manage digital identities for student and academic access points, helping schools like Texas A&M University and Brown University save time in data processing. 
  • Cloud-based technology is a major deterrent in protecting institutional information from hacking, as a recent survey revealed higher education is among the most vulnerable industries to illegal system access. 

Dive Insight:

Finding the right onboarding system is just one element of a campus-wide technology strategy, that can be costly if the right diligence isn't taken in identifying the best fit for a campus. The right choices in technology can help institutions save millions in reduced personnel needs, saved time and fewer interruptions in service requiring support, as a recent study suggests. 

But choosing the wrong platforms for networking or administrative dashboards can lead to costly replacements, as Oakland University experienced with three recent network conversions. To avoid such issues, CIOs and campus executives must be able to clearly identify and define their tech and data needs and make those needs clear to potential vendors for explicit service provision. 

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