How to use Apple TV in the classroom

Dive Summary:

  • Educators should take note of Apple TV's "Airplay" feature, which allows users to mirror or project the screen of their device (iPods, iPads and iPhones) through an LCD projector connected to Apple TV (see Education Dive's 10 iPad accessories perfect for the classroom for more classroom technology tools).
  • For example, teachers teach or improve reading skills by projecting downloadable e-books; students can follow along on the same screen while teachers are freed to give help where it's needed. 
  • Teachers can also create lessons around interactive apps and provide fun learning experiences for students; app projections can help spark collaboration, improve engagement and boost productivity. 

From the article:

"... Gradually, more and more educators realize that the Apple TV provides spaces for a teacher to create highly engaging lessons that captivate the students’ attention. In doing so, Apple TV fosters collaborative learning, sponsors creativity, and cultivates a set of skills and talents that can help young learners become successful. If the rumor that support for iBooks may be coming to Apple TV is true, the little black box will cement its place in the classroom, as the options for educators at all levels who choose to use Apple TV in the classroom will be increased exponentially. However, regardless if this will ever happen, Apple TV is something worth using in the classroom for its innovative pedagogical potential."

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