Kira Methodology aims to remove bias from admissions

Dive Brief:

  • A new product from Kira Talent, dubbed The Kira Methodology, aims to remove bias from the college admissions process.
  • The new methodology uses competency-based assessments of current students to decide which traits to preference in the admissions process and then bases admissions questions on them.
  • It also incorporates a new rating system with a three-point scale for evaluating students based on the identified competencies.

Dive Insight:

Kira Talent markets video interviewing software that has expanded the boundaries of recruitment in a number of fields, and it also created a video talent assessment platform for higher education. The new methodology aims to limit admissions bias with a highly structured assessment process.

The admissions process, of course, is a subjective one. Teams of admissions officers judge students using their own biases and past experiences, but beyond these elements, colleges and universities have long been scrutinized based on what these institutions are explicitly looking for in prospective students. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently set to hear a case on race-based admissions policies centered on the University of Texas at Austin.

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