Mitch Daniels faces 6 issues out of the gate at Purdue

Dive Summary:

  • Former Ind. Gov. Mitch Daniels begins his job as Purdue University's 12th president today, and his first six months on the job are already packed with legislative hearings on the school's 2013-15 budget, fixing new tuition levels and getting to know the Purdue system's students and faculty.
  • Daniels' eagerness to get to work has manifested itself in a few dozen meetings with students, staff and employees, and as he gets accustomed to the job and its politics, the former governor is sure to be faced with even more specific issues at the school.
  • Six issues Daniels is certain to face sooner rather than later are the potential switch to a 12-month academic year with three semesters, administrative bloat, affordability, privatization of services, diversity and discrimination on campus, and details of his contract.

From the article:

Mitch Daniels becomes Purdue University’s 12th president on Tuesday. But Daniels, eager to get to work, will arrive on campus Monday afternoon right after Mike Pence is sworn in as Indiana’s governor. ...

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