MOOC professor calls it quits halfway through his course

Dive Summary:

  • Richard A. McKenzie, an emeritus professor at UC Irvine's business school, stopped teaching a MOOC on microeconomics midway through its 10-week schedule due to disagreements over how the course should be operated.
  • Based on statements posted to the class website over the weekend, McKenzie, who retired from regular faculty in 2011, was apparently frustrated by his attempts to get students to obtain and read as much of the course's textbook as possible.
  • The MOOC, one of six offered by the school through Coursera, will still continue as planned without McKenzie's involvement, as all of the lessons and assignments have already been prepared.

From the article:

... The action by Richard A. McKenzie, an emeritus professor in the UC Irvine business school, highlights the uncertainties faculty face in adapting traditional face-to-face classes to the emerging universe of massive open online courses, known as MOOCs. ...

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