MOOCs finding money in the 'flipped classroom'

Dive Summary:

  • The move for MOOCs to foster "flipped classrooms" — where professors upload standard lectures online and spend in-class time interacting more with students — is important for MOOCs because it's where the money is and because flipped classrooms are seeing good results.
  • MOOCs are looking for revenue elsewhere, too: Coursera has tried charging students for certificates of completion, and edX has deals with companies and non-profits to handle their training courses.
  • One example of a MOOC with solid revenue: 2U, now a company with 600 employees that has raised $102 million in venture capital and has recorded $230 million in tuition this year.

From the article:

... "I think this will be a big part of how we make ourselves sustainable financially," Koller says, noting that the biggest growth opportunity for the flipped classroom is overseas. "There's a significant lack of instructional capacity in many parts of the world, so I think this will be heavily used outside the U.S." ...

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