New education portal helps admissions teams improve processes

Dive Brief:

  • Kira University, from the makers of Kira Academic, will now offer a range of online courses for admissions officers to improve marketing, recruitment, and the admissions review process.
  • The courses are free and lessons are built around Kira Talent’s insights from years helping colleges and universities implement the company’s platform into their admissions offices.
  • The lessons will be delivered via email, covering topics such as how to identify top applicants, how to get more students to apply, and how to improve yield, with a pilot course specifically for business school admissions officers.

Dive Insight:

As higher education becomes more competitive, admissions teams need to become more efficient and effective. Schools are increasingly turning to customer relationship management tools to track the recruitment process, better connect with students who might fit in the institutional culture, and maintain consistent communication with them. Schools are also personalizing the admissions process by creating custom URLs for admitted students, delivering acceptance news in person, or sending hand-written notes.

There is a range of high-tech and low-tech strategies institutions seem to be using, based on their budgets and their staff capacity. Consistently, however, there is a recognition that higher education has become a buyer’s market, and, in many cases, it is the schools that are clamoring for the students.

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