Personalized Learning: What educators need to know

Check out our 5 must-read stories on one of education's hottest trends

One of education's most popular buzzwords in recent years, "personalized learning" may also be its most important trend. As the economy shifts away from needing workers simply prepared for factory work, the education system is faced with preparing students for a varied skilled labor workforce that demands soft skills like critical and creative thinking and hard skills like those in the STEM fields. And ensuring that all students are prepared means abandoning a one-size-fits-all approach to address each individual's needs.

To provide insight on this still-evolving educational approach, we've put together our top content on personalized learning:

  1. 4 critical personalized learning questions, answered

    Now that it's a regularly used marketing term, defining one of the industry's hottest buzz phrases can get difficult. But we've got a basic FAQ to help sift through the noise. Read More >>

  2. These 7 trends are shaping personalized learning

    Schools nationwide are experimenting with personalized learning strategies to better serve students. Read More >>

  3. Personalized learning isn't just for math — it boosts literacy, too

    From selecting the right technology to designing the best classroom layout, bringing an individual focus into the classroom has proven benefits for learning. Read More >>

  4. OP-ED: My experiences as a student cemented my commitment to personalized learning

    Berthold Academy co-founder Garrett Wilhelm shares how his father's death showed him some of the education system's most glaring flaws. Read More >>

  5. Chicago school transforms student engagement with personalized learning

    Joseph Lovett Elementary School has seen a range of benefits from a shift toward personalized learning, including better student engagement, behavior and academic performance. Read More >>

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