Project Lead the Way to expand engineering options at Texas' Flour Bluff HS, 60 others nationwide

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  • Texas' Flour Bluff High School and 60 other schools selected nationwide by Project Lead the Way to offer a pilot course in computer science and software engineering, and the school will also add courses in aerospace, civil engineering and architecture in 2013.
  • Project Lead the Way is an Indianapolis-based non-profit that provides schools with science, technology, engineering and math programming, and the application process for Flour Bluff's upcoming engineering curriculum involved over 4,700 eligible schools.
  • The courses are designed to help prepare students for college (they can earn at least 15 credit hours before finishing high school), as well as giving them valuable exposure to STEM fields, which are in critical need of qualified workers for jobs.

From the article:

Flour Bluff High School sophomore Travis Granberry, 15, wants to be an engineer and is considering a career in the petroleum industry. A planned expansion in engineering-based programming at Flour Bluff in the 2013-14 academic year aims to help students like Travis expand their options as they prepare for college-level courses. Flour Bluff High School is one of 60 schools nationwide set to offer a pilot course in computer science and software engineering as part of programming from national curriculum provider Project Lead the Way. ...

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