Purdue and Tuskegee announce collaboration to develop sustainable electronics

Dive Summary:

  • In an effort to combat the millions of tons of annual electronic waste, Purdue and Tuskegee universities are leading a new international effort, the Global Traineeship in Sustainable Electronics, to create sustainable electronics and train a workforce of specialists capable of making a transition to the technology possible.
  • The new program, which involves seven Purdue graduate students and three Tuskegee students, is made possible by a five-year, $3.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation, and its researchers are collaborating with the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI).
  • The program's first course, design for global sustainability, is available this semester at Purdue and Tuskegee, and the traineeship will also utilize globalHUB--an international collaboration website based on Purdue's HUBzero software--to connect university partners in Germany, Colombia, China and India.

From the article:

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The world's love affair with gadgets - many of which contain hazardous materials - is generating millions of tons of electronic waste annually. Now, Purdue and Tuskegee universities are leading an international effort to replace conventional electronics with more sustainable technologies and train a workforce of specialists to make the transition possible. ...

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Top image credit: Curtis Palmer