Report: Wisconsin tech school professors earn more than those at U of Wisconsin

Dive Summary:

  • According to a Gannett Wisconsin Media report, full-time instructors in the state's technical colleges made slightly more than professors at the 13 University of Wisconsin universities last year, with average base pay and overages being reported as $90,000 and $86,000 respectively.
  • The technical college instructors made almost nine times as much for overages, or additional teaching assignments, averaging about $12,000 per professor compared to $1,400 for UW professors.
  • The argument for allowing professors to collect overages (some supplemented their base salaries with as much as $121,000 in overage pay) is that it saves money by avoiding the need for additional workers.

From the article:

Terry Fleischman, an instructor at Fox Valley Technical College, nearly doubled his $88,000 salary through overages. And Deb Seline, who teaches at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, supplemented her $85,000 base salary with nearly $121,000 in overage pay, according to the report. ...

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Top image credit: Richard Hurd