Should mobile devices play a role in the classroom?

Dive Summary:

  • Living and Learning with Mobile Devices: What Parents Think About Mobile Devices for Early Childhood and K–12 Learning, a new study by Grunwald & Associates and the Learning First Alliance, reveals that most parents believe mobile devices can provide new learning opportunities for students.
  • The study surveyed parents and their thoughts on the role of mobile devices in the classroom; 71% of respondents said they believe "mobile devices open up learning opportunities to kids they didn’t have before." 
  • 62% said mobile devices can benefit students' learning while 45% said they will or have already bought a mobile device for their child's education.

Here's an infographic of some of the study's key findings:

From the article:

"... 'Mobile learning is approaching a tipping point as parents and educators recognize the potential of mobile technology in the classroom,' said Cheryl Scott Williams , Learning First Alliance Executive Director. 'Now is the time for parents and teachers to join forces to shape what mobile learning will look like in and outside of the classroom.'

With students already carrying their own devices to school, widespread mobile learning could be on the horizon. The study found that one quarter of all K-12 students bring a smartphone to school every day – and by high school, more than half of all high-school students carry a smartphone on a daily basis. About one in six parents say that children are permitted to use their own mobile devices in the classroom – commonly known as a 'bring your own device' policy. ..."

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