Spotlight on literacy: What educators need to know

Check out our 6 must-read stories on reading challenges and solutions

Along with math, English and language arts have taken centerstage in the K-12 conversation in recent years -- and for good reason. Reading and writing are critical skills which determine a student's educational attainment and future success as an adult. And literacy education is important for developing students' critical thinking skills, while also promoting independence and self-efficacy.

This month, we are placing a particular focus on literacy as part of our spotlight series examining trends in the education space. We've gathered a wide range of perspectives from leaders and teachers around the country to showcase the approaches that are working around literacy education.

  1. 5 trends in literacy education for 2017

    We outline the crucial best practices that are promoting reading and writing success and encouraging critical thinking skills. Read More >>

  2. Literacy for all: NYC's literacy chiefs detail the Big Apple's approach to early reading success

    If all second graders are reading on level by 2026, the city will have hit its ambitious goal. Read More >>

  3. Partnerships between schools and community organizations promote reading success

    Leaders across the country share success stories around championing literacy for all ages. Read More >>

  4. All hands on deck: Promoting literacy for all students requires a comprehensive effort

    Laurens School District 55 Superintendent Stephen G. Peters touts the need to embrace literacy success for each student in a district. Read More >>

  5. Literacy program uses volunteers to help preschoolers get ready for kindergarten

    Jumpstart focuses on oral language, phonological awareness and book and print knowledge with preschoolers, but its programming could take a hit if Trump's "skinny budget" becomes a reality. Read More >>

  6. Personalized learning isn't just for math — it boosts literacy, too

    From selecting the right technology to designing the best classroom layout, bringing an individual focus into the classroom has proven benefits for learning. Read More >>

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