Student-aid fraud investigation at Alabama State University may include other schools

Dive Summary:

  • The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is looking into instances of student aid fraud reported at Alabama State University following similar reports made to the agency by the school in January 2012.
  • Around $50,000 of student-aid funds are missing from the school, and ASU Director of Media Relations Kenneth Mullinax Jr. says that the fraud was "electronic in nature" and has been going on at other schools, as well.
  • All students have received the correct amount of funds to date at the school's expense, and ABI investigators declined to say whether they were investigating fraud at other universities.

From the article:

Instances of student-aid fraud reported Wednesday at Alabama State University could go beyond the borders of the Montgomery-based college. A spokesman for ASU confirmed today the Alabama Bureau of Investigation is probing instances of student-aid fraud at the school, and said that university officials reported the fraud to the ABI when they discovered it in January 2012. ...

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