Tulane is fourth school to report incorrect data to 'U.S. News' in 2012

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  • Tulane University is joining Claremont McKenna College, Emory University and George Washington University as the fourth institution to admit in 2012 that it falsely reported admissions data to U.S. News & World Report for the publication's rankings.
  • In a statement, Tulane said that it discovered the problem while new business school data was being prepared for U.S. News and showed numbers for GMAT scores and the number of applications skewing significantly lower than previous years.
  • The university, which is currently 43rd in the magazine's M.B.A. rankings, has hired outside groups to conduct an audit of past data, and says that it hopes to have the correct figures for 2012--and, potentially, other years--available later this month.

From the article:

Tulane University has admitted that it sent U.S. News & World Report incorrect information about the test scores and total number of applicants for its M.B.A. program. The admission -- as 2012 closed -- made the university the fourth college or university in that year to admit false reporting of some admissions data used for rankings. In 2011, two law schools and one undergraduate institution were found to have engaged in false reporting of some admissions data. ...

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