Virginia's public schools to receive letter grades

Dive Summary:

  • The Virginia General Assembly approved a bill Saturday that will create a student-performance-based letter grade system, ranging from A to F, for the state's public schools.
  • Schools will not receive a grade until October 2014, at which point the Virginia Board of Education will have established standards to measure student growth.
  • The Virginia Association of School Superintendents is concerned that the bill removes city and county governments' constitutional power to oversee their own education systems.

From the article:

On the last day of the legislative session, the General Assembly passed a bill creating a system to rate each school on an A-to-F grading scale based on student performance. The final version of House Bill 1999 was approved Saturday on a 22-17 vote in the Senate and a 65-31 vote in the House. This version had been negotiated through a conference committee of members from both chambers. ...

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Top image credit: Taber Andrew Bain