We asked higher ed CIOs which phones they use

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The "Mobility in Higher Education" CIO survey was conducted by the Education Dive editorial staff and is underwritten by Sprint Higher Education Solutions.

The future of campus technology will happen on mobile devices. That much is clear as distance learning evolves off campus and faster smartphones and tablets continue latch on to students and faculty across higher ed. Education Dive set out earlier this year to get to the bottom of education's march into mobile, and in two weeks we will present you with the full results from our 2013 "Mobility in Higher Education" survey.

In the meantime, we will break down for you some of the finer points that we tackled in our survey of 50 university and college CIOs. We asked about their campus technology; we asked about their current challenges; and moreover, we asked them for their personal stories, which you will also see on Education Dive in the coming weeks.

To kick things off today, we want to share with you which kinds of smartphones they keep in their pockets on a day-to-day basis. Their top answers may not surprise you, but they made it clear that the iPhone has claimed a lion's share of CIO hands with 66% of our respondents saying they use one. Android phones came in at a distant but firm second place with 32% of CIOs using one. Windows Phone clearly had a presence as well, though, landing in 8% of respondents' tech collections.

Here's a chart of what those results look like:

university CIO smartphones

(Image credit: Education Dive)


iPhone — 66%
Android — 32%
Windows Phone — 8%
Blackberry — 2%
Other — 2%

Stay tuned over the next two weeks for more results and insights from Education Dive 2013 "Mobility in Higher Education" survey underwritten by Sprint Higher Education Solutions. Then, keep an eye out for our full report on Monday, June 17.