Which mobile apps do university CIOs use at work?

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The "Mobility in Higher Education" CIO survey was conducted by the Education Dive editorial staff and is underwritten by Sprint Higher Education Solutions. You can now download the full survey results here.

Mobile devices are multiplying in the education space, as university CIOs know all too well. It may seem like just yesterday that the first smartphone hit the market, but nowadays many of us use our mobile devices are work devices—especially for CIOs. 

To get an idea of how CIOs use their mobile devices on the job, we asked them to tell us which three smartphone and tablet apps they use most often for work. Unsurprisingly, most CIOs (66.7%) revealed they use their devices to check email, while many also indicated they use the browser (25%) and calendar (22.9%) functions.

Below, you will see the three most popular specific apps that were listed. From the results, you will see that CIOs love to keep track of notes. Take a look:


Evernote — 18.75%
Dropbox — 10.42%
One Note — 8.33%


Stay tuned over the next two weeks for more results and insights from Education Dive 2013 "Mobility in Higher Education" survey underwritten by Sprint Higher Education Solutions. Download the full survey results

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