Why Pokemon Go shows the future of learning gamification

Dive Brief:

  • The Pokemon Go craze, which uses augmented reality technology to get people out of their homes and offices to try and catch a series of virtual reality ‘pocket monsters’ to rack up points, has captured national attention. While mobile gaming has consumed the lives of many over the years, it’s also taking the learning market by storm.

  • Nikos Andriotis, who writes for Talent LMS, says that the same mobile technology that created Pokemon Go, is maturing, and so is the inclusion of gaming in learning technology. The fun factor matters.

  • Augmented reality learning is advancing, with developments such as Google Glass, Apple Watches, and Oculus Rift. “While those indeed have seen some traction in the months that have passed since, in the end, it took a simple gaming app to bring augmented reality to the forefront of the tech market,” says Andriotis. He also advises learning technology developers to take the same approach by adding augmented reality to corporate learning programs. 

Dive Insight:

Imagine a world where you can not only take learning on the go with your mobile device, but actually interact in real time with learning characters and avatars? This fun learning style is becoming a reality.

While some of Andriotis’ article focuses on K-12 learning, practical applications for gaming technology can also be adopted to the adult learner market by learning from the example set by Pokemon Go. Virtual reality and 3D can let employees manipulate imaginary equipment or parts and make mistakes without any real consequences until they master their skills based on game scores.

Team learning can be facilitated in a competitive virtual environment, where employees get immediate feedback and earn points for rewards. This technology could also be useful when screening candidates. Assessments could involve a gaming aspect with candidates required to prove their skills in a VR environment. 

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