Writer and entrepreneur sets sights on "one-year MOOC B.A."

Dive Summary:

  • Lexington, Mass., writer and entrepreneur Jonathan Haber set out in January to earn a "one-year MOOC B.A.," with the goal of taking 32 of the free courses by the end of 2013, all meeting the requirements of a philosophy B.A.
  • Haber is currently through his "freshman year," and has already completed or is currently taking around a dozen courses, including edX versions of Harvard classics like government professor Michael J. Sandel’s “Justice” and literature professor Gregory Nagy's “The Ancient Greek Hero.”
  • Haber is also chronicling the experiment, which aims to see how well MOOCs can replicate the college experience, via a blog at

From the article:

... Haber, 51, got his old-fashioned bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Wesleyan in 1985, and says he was always the type to listen to academic lectures instead of music in the car. He founded and eventually sold a company that did testing and training in the computer field, and is now a stay-at-home father of two boys. At the moment, he does homework with his sons in the afternoons and immerses himself in his assigned reading on weekends. ...

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