Job Description

Paperell is a professional company specialized in providing students with custom papers and essays. Our service allows college and university students to buy a research paper online by getting in contact with a professional writer who can write on demand. Paperell is unlike similar websites because other custom writing sites don’t allow students to choose the writer themselves. We have a position for someone who writes at an outstanding quality, according to all academic guidelines.


Best USA Custom Essay Writing Service 

         A custom writing service like Paperell is specifically developed to meet the needs of students who cannot tackle their assignments on their own, due to various personal reasons. Some students don’t know how to find reputable sources, how to create a coherent outline, or simply haven’t yet developed their writing skills to be able to convey their ideas convincingly.

         This is where Paperell and other similar reputable websites can provide professional assistance. All writers working with Paperell are highly-educated professionals with degrees from reputable universities and extensive knowledge in their field of expertise. With their writing and research experience, they are able to put together an original paper that respects academic writing standards and formatting.


Be a Writer for Paperell

         Do you have experience writing original research papers that are plagiarism-free, accurate, and engaging? Are you perfectionistic when it comes to respecting all grammar, punctuation, and stylistics rules? Do you love researching a topic until you’ve uncovered all possible angles? If the answer to these questions is yes, you are welcome to join us at Paperell.

         As a writer with Paperell essay writing service, your job will be to interact directly with potential customers on our website who want to buy a research paper. After they communicate their task requirements such as topic, number of pages, deadline, and formatting style, you can start working directly on the task. During the writing process, you will maintain direct communication with the student to ensure that all details are being covered.

          As an online company, Paperell takes great pride in ensuring great communication between writer, platform, and customer, as well as other key features that are important for both writers and customers, such as confidentiality, secure-payment, privacy policies, 24/7 support, and more. Once you start working with us, you will enjoy these benefits and more.


What Can you Write?

         Paperell writers can choose what to write by looking at the orders. A research paper writer usually writes on the subjects of his field of expertise, as we want to ensure that we can provide students with valuable help and meet their exact needs.


The Qualities of a Good Research Paper

         If you become a research paper writer for Paperell, your work must meet our standard for quality. We want to provide our students with papers that show the following qualities:

  • Rigor. Good research takes a lot of time and patience as you have to consult numerous sources and references. All the information you include in the paper must be accurate and supported by scientific arguments through the use of in-text citations and bibliography list.
  • Clear writing. Research paper writing differs from other types of writing because it does not allow as much space for creativity. Your arguments should be concise and clear so the reader can understand your ideas effectively.
  • Originality. Plagiarism is a severe offense in academia. The risk of including duplicated content is much higher in a research paper where you have to rely on previous studies than in a personal essay. We want our writers to provide original papers with no trace of plagiarism.
  • Punctuality. The deadline for a research paper is very important, and we want to make sure that our students don’t have to worry ever that they won’t receive their paper in due time. This is why we value writers who can demonstrate perfect punctuality.


Many students buy essays from custom writing sites. If you’re an academic writer who enjoys researching and writing quality papers, you can join us at Paperell. We bring together experienced and passionate writers with students from all over the world who need help to stay atop of their academic assignments. If you enjoy an informal, yet intellectually-challenging job, our research paper writer position might be the right fit for you.




  • Rigor. 
  • Clear writing.
  • Originality. 
  • Punctuality.