Company Description

ExQ® is a cloud-based patented personalized curriculum designed to enhance the brain’s Executive Function and Social-Emotional Learning through individualized game-based training that focuses on teaching middle school through college students to learn how to learn.

Rooted in more than 20 years of cognitive neuroscience and Executive Function training expertise, ExQ’s innovative and research-informed methodology is developed to train a set of mental skills that enhance focus, organization, planning, remembering to remember, problem-solving, and mental flexibility through fun and challenging games, interactive virtual coaching that emphasizes learning from mistakes, and the M-E-T-A™ (Mindful Examination of Thinking and Awareness) process that centers around self-reflection.

The ExQ methodology and curriculum offer a host of academic, social, and emotional learning benefits that are relevant and applicable to all facets of academic, athletic, artistic, and community endeavors.

ExQ is a unique learning system that offers many training benefits to students, educators, schools, and communities including:

  • Enables self-discovery and avoidance of obstacles in the learning process
  • Identifies and guides key actions to achieve learning to learn goals
  • Builds mental endurance against distractions to produce an orderly workflow
  • Makes the direct connection between short-term plans and big-picture thinking
  • Prompts thinking about thinking to develop heightened self-awareness
  • Encourages acceptance of performance errors by stressing self-reflection
  • Cultivates the skills required for self-directed learning
  • Promotes independence through self-advocacy and strategic thinking
  • Grows personal resilience, which is the building block of academic, emotional, and social wellbeing

ExQ’s digital learning experience equips the student with self-awareness essential for strategic thinking that transfers beyond online learning into classrooms and home environments.

Job Description

ExQ® is looking for an experienced Sales Executive (Partnership Success Manager) in the education field to join our team to increase sales, build partnerships and deliver company value. The ExQ Sales Executive will be an independently contracted entrepreneur to sell ExQ for School. ExQ is a startup organization with significant opportunity for growth, that recently launched an exclusive, research-informed system designed to enhance the brain's executive function through online game-based personalized training.


  • Establish a sales process
  • Identify, prospect and qualify new sales leads
  • Schedule meetings and make presentations with schools
  • Present and negotiate sales contracts with schools
  • Support clients with implementation
  • Attend selected educational conferences
  • Track all sales activities using CRM system
  • Coordinate with marketing and other team members
  • Demonstrate strong Executive Function skills

The sales executive is responsible for creating effective sales solutions that address the issues and challenges facing today's institutions, administrators, and instructors to meet necessary educational outcomes related to helping students gain mastery of executive function skills.  The ExQ Sales Executive assists and supports customers in the implementation of our Executive Function training curriculum, helping Middle and High School students learn how to learn, and teachers learn how to build a culture of EF that produces self-reliant learners.

The ideal candidate will possess a proven record of success (sales, systems, growth over time-specific to educational channel) with a demonstrated ability to meet and exceed goals. A strong interest in educational technology and learning applications is a must, as is a willingness to take risks.



  • Exhibit consultative techniques including pre-call planning and productive strategies that lead to qualifying leads, nurturing leads and converting leads to sales
  • Demonstrate strong initiative, superb organizational and follow-up abilities
  • Maintain product knowledge around ExQ products, the educational technology industry, and factors influencing the market environment
  • Deliver technology presentations to clients
  • Embrace teamwork through the sharing of best practices and working cross-functionally with the marketing and operational teams
  • Implement company initiatives into regional and national sales territories
  • Build strong partnerships with school administrators, teachers, and other decision-makers

We are looking for a talented sales executive to engage our customers and help us grow the business. While the candidate will benefit from a steady flow of company-generated inbound leads, the position also requires outbound sales efforts to prospects.



  • Prospect and qualify new sales leads
  • Schedule meetings with and make presentations to key decision-makers
  • Present and negotiate sales contracts with schools
  • Attend selected educational conferences
  • Track all sales activities using CRM system
  • Coordinate terms of contract and implement in coordination with marketing and other team members
  • Act as a liaison between the school and ExQ
  • Demonstrate strong executive function skills
  • Generate sales growth within schools
  • Travel to meet with decision-makers (district leaders, curriculum directors, teachers, counselors, SLPs and other influencers) 
  • Lead sales presentations and contract negotiations
  • Weekly sales meeting with Founder & marketing team, reporting on leads in progress, potential for close, next steps and upcoming meeting status
  • Responsible for weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, projecting success tracked to goals and evaluative criteria



  • Experience with the Middle School and High School Educational marketplace (private, public, charter, independent, special needs and boarding schools)
  • Experience conducting complex and/or substantial business and sales transactions
  • Experience maintaining relationships with customers to ensure ongoing business



  • “Hunter” sales mentality
  • Versatile with adeptness to be mentally flexible and switch gears nimbly
  • Ability to travel up to 25% locally and nationally
  • Exceptional people skills and empathy to help clients make significant financial decisions
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office including Excel and PowerPoint
  • Interest and curiosity in learning, especially in the area of executive function
  • Ability to open doors and close new business by using a disciplined sales process 
  • Knack for cultivating in-person and virtual relationships built on service, trust and credibility 
  • Patient yet persistent to manage a longer sales cycle 
  • Persuasive verbal communication skills and written presentation skills
  • Collaborative personality, respectful, supportive and professional
  • Positive attitude and thoughtful demeanor
  • Commitment to professional, timely execution of responsibilities 
  • Time and resource management skills
  • Highly enthusiastic, focused, driven and self-reliant 

Please send a cover letter and your resume to [email protected]