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Are You Ready to Bring Making Into Your Classroom, But Not Sure How?

Time and time again we’ve heard teachers frustrated by wanting to implement making but not sure where to start. So we developed the Maker Program Starter Kit. By providing an easy to use set of instructions we’ve create an explicit connection between making, design, creativity, and learning that can be quickly and easily implemented in schools, summer camps, after-school programs, libraries - anywhere making thrives!

The Maker Program content moves beyond theory and into practice by providing real-world, hands-on activities, content and resources that enable you to confidently answer the question “How do I get started.” In addition, the customizable activity templates are downloadable via Google docs as Open Educational Resources (OER) so you’ll always have the materials at your finger tips.

Think of this as your “one-stop-workshop” for getting started with making. You will walk away informed, confident, excited and energized.   You will have actionable ideas, projects, and resources to bring maker education to your school..

You can do this!!  Download your FREE Making Starter Kit