How to manage multiple devices and preserve the sanity of your IT staff

K-12 schools are expanding bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and 1-to-1 laptop or tablet programs as a way to personalize learning for students and equip them with the latest digital literacy skills. And on college campuses, students and staff are using multiple devices and setting up unauthorized internet access points. In both educational settings, the sheer number of WiFi-enabled devices can compromise security, slow down the network and overwhelm IT departments as they attempt to respond to help requests and keep track of what’s on their network. Speakers Robert Craven, David Hinson and Chris DeJuneas will present solutions to this “tragedy of the commons” and discuss ways to streamline device management so managers can focus on future technology needs to support learning. Register now to learn:

• Tools for accommodating growing numbers of wireless “clients”
• Strategies for directing and streamlining help desk requests 
• How to deliver professional development for teachers working in BYOD and 1-to-1 programs 
• How to avoid “rogue” access points 
• Ways to care and plan for your network’s future