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Increasing Collaboration in the Classroom

Redesigning Learning Spaces that Enable Creative Collaboration in Student-Led Learning Environments

There is recognition among today’s educators that new approaches are needed to prepare students for what the World Economic Forum (WEF) describes as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” 

In a study entitled, “The Future of Jobs,” the WEF highlights the top 10 skills that will be required by 2020 to meet the challenges of this technology-driven revolution. The most prominent on the WEF’s list are creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. To help students meet these necessary skills, some educators are rethinking the traditional classroom concept and redesigning learning spaces that encourage student-led creative collaboration.

This playbook delves into the rise of creative collaboration in today’s K–12 classrooms, with an emphasis on tools designed specifically to foster the 4Cs in students. It also highlights real-world experiences from three school districts that all redesigned their spaces to enhance creative collaboration and encourage student-led learning.