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[Infographic] What’s the definition of a balanced assessment system?

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) emphasizes the need for a balanced assessment system. While there’s a lot of uncertainty about the fate of ESSA, many in the K–12 world seek the comprehensive approach of a balanced assessment system. It’s the bright, elusive butterfly of assessment. To establish your vision of what such a system entails, it’s important to articulate a clear understanding of the goals and uses of various assessment types.

Different terms can be used to describe similar kinds of assessments. But these terms carry some nuance, and are not necessarily interchangeable. By establishing clarity and consistency in the terminology you use with colleagues and policy makers, you can build your system on a solid foundation of shared understanding.

This infographic supports that shared understanding by explaining the parts and the whole of a balanced assessment system. Download the infographic to learn more.