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Nebraska Students Learn To Become “Logic” Thinkers


Earlier in March, members of the Crescerance team visited with Superintendent Kevin Reiman of the Auburn Public School system located in Auburn, Nebraska. Crescerance presented a MAD-Camp to a group of 35 middle school students on Saturday and met with the teachers a night before to present to them the tools they would be using to develop a strong Coding to Learn curriculum at Auburn.

The MAD-Camp was focused on Phase 1 of the MAD-Learn program, called MAD-Create, in which the use of Crescerance’s simple app development platform serves as the first step toward Mobile App Development. The initial ideation and brainstorming experience left students and teachers more knowledgeable and appreciative of how mobile apps are organized, built, and used to advance a cause or personal interest.

With a solid organizational foundation established, students began work on actually building their first mobile apps with the MAD-Learn platform. Basic instructions were given about how to log in to the platform, enter the basic parameters for each app, and use the platform. Reminders were distributed to each group to help them decide which template was appropriate for each screen they would create. Students and teachers were ready—and excited—to begin their first experience as app developers.

The students tenaciously explored the functions of the platform and learned by doing, collaborating fully, and calling upon our assistance only when they could not problem solve independently. The work session went smoothly, with students owning much of their learning and the “experts” relegating themselves to “facilitator” status. The preliminary lessons about planning and organization were fully embraced, and the apps quickly began to take shape with the help of the on-screen MAD-Learn simulator.

Auburn Public Schools students and teachers will be attending the Nebraska Education Technology Association (NETA) Annual Conference this week to present the apps that they built through MAD-Learn and share their experiences with Nebraska educators. The session being presented by Auburn Superintendent, Kevin Reiman (and his students!) and Crescerance Founder, Alefiya Bhatia is called “Build Mobile Apps in Your Classroom & Ignite the Love of Coding” and will take place on Thursday 4/24 from 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM at the La Vista Embassy Suites & Conference Center (Omaha, NE).

MAD-Learn™ is launching at major private and public school districts across the country in the upcoming months. Schools who want to learn more about the program can request a demo by contacting a Crescerance Solutions Advisor today at 404-913-2737 (CRES) or by visiting the official MAD-Learn™ website at

Unlike other online “learn to code” platforms, MAD-Learn™ utilizes a top-down teaching approach that walks students through the steps of building an app using a visual editor and then shows what happens “under the hood” in more detail as the student advances. Using this structure, the creators of MAD-Learn™ hope to capture students’ interest and enthusiasm early on by “coding to learn” and building confidence, entrepreneurship, collaboration, design-thinking, and early success with coding. This is intended to inspire an interest in programming at a professional level at a later stage.


About Crescerance Inc: Founded in 2011 with the mission of helping schools communicate more effectively with parents through the power of mobile technology, Crescerance builds custom mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites for schools, school districts, education associations and education service agencies and is now teaching students how to build apps through their newest program, MAD-Learn. Founded by a former educator, Crescerance is committed to helping schools transform how they reach families and communities through the power of mobile communication. For more information about Crescerance, its products and services, visit