LearnBop Releases Full Bank of New Technology Enhanced Items (TEI) and Other Dynamic Features

Proven Interactive Math Learning System Announces New Features and Extended Content that Help Students Master Skills

Herndon, Virginia, October 15, 2015 – Leading interactive math learning system LearnBop®, an exclusive partner of Fuel Education™ (FuelEd™), announces the release of a large bank of more than 2,000 Technology Enhanced Items (TEI) and full math content for grades K-12. With these new features, schools and districts can use LearnBop to engage more students with rigorous, dynamic math problems, better prepare them for state tests, and improve learning gains by helping them close prerequisite skill gaps. 

In addition to expanding its math content to cover grades K-12, LearnBop has released grade-level specific TEI  for grades K-12. TEI include drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, graph drawing, and other approaches to answering a problem. In contrast, other math tools only offer students an array of multiple-choice options.

With many states now featuring TEI on their computer-based assessments, educators need to provide students support in learning how to use them. LearnBop’s full bank of math TEI for every grade gives students the opportunity to prepare for state assessments and at the same time continue to study class material.

“One reason Technology Enhanced Items are important is because they are featured on new computer-based assessments being rolled out all over the country, such as those created by the PARCC and SBAC testing consortiums,” explained LearnBop founder and CEO Bharani Rajakumar. “With these new items, students can prepare for their computer-based exams. More importantly, the new item types are not multiple choice.  LearnBop’s TEI give students different methods for acquiring knowledge and providing increased engagement and a greater depth of learning.”

In addition, LearnBop now includes new features such as customizable diagnostics, and pre- and post-assessments that track student progress. These new tools enable teachers to create benchmarks at the start of the semester, and assess progress throughout the semester. 

A recent three-state independent efficacy study found that students using LearnBop’s interactive learning system showed 7 to10 percentile points more growth on post-assessments than students who did not use LearnBop. Read more about LearnBop’s efficacy study here.

Florida’s Jackson County School District recently deployed LearnBop to students across the district as part of its 1:1 tablet initiative. The district also uses other Fuel Education solutions in multiple online and blended learning programs throughout the district, including the FuelEd Full-Time School Comprehensive Program, Anywhere Learning System (ALS) for remediation, Online Courses, and Credit Recovery.


About LearnBop
LearnBop, an exclusive partner of Fuel Education, is an award-winning interactive learning system based in New York City. The LearnBop platform uses a unique step-by-step approach to learning math, mimicking the kind of support a student would get in a tutoring session. Each step covers a concept students need to understand in order to solve the original problem, which means that data on student performance is collected as students learn.  Data are organized into intuitive dashboards that provide teachers with a dynamic view of class performance, down to each individual student. This means teachers can provide both individualized instruction and better-informed group instruction based on the unique learning contours and performance of their own classroom. To learn more, visit learnbop.com.

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