A New App for Helping Young Children Learn Mandarin Launches in the U.S.

“Miao Mi” App Features Award-Winning Children’s Programs From Asia With Compelling Storylines and Entertaining Characters

CHICAGO (April 19, 2017) – With today’s launch of the “Miao Mi” app, parents can easily immerse their young children in Mandarin language-learning just by using their tablets. With more than 500 videos available on the app, parents can help their child learn a language spoken by one-fifth of the world’s population.  Created by “Miao Mi,” a well-established Mandarin edutainment cable television channel in Asia, the app features award-winning shows and games that reinforce the language-learning. Available on the App Store today and on Google Play in May, the “Miao Mi” app is free to download, and $5.99 per month to subscribe. A 7-day free trial is available.

Already enjoyed by millions of families across Asia, the programs on the “Miao Mi” app offer an immersive experience for preschoolers at different stages of Mandarin language learning. Children and parents with no prior exposure to Mandarin can easily pick up the unique sounds of Chinese just as well as those from Chinese-speaking backgrounds. The “Watch” section offers shows in Mandarin or English and reinforces vocabulary usage in context. The “Learn” section showcases “Miao Mi Classroom,” short videos which help children learn simple vocabulary by teaching them phrases and words with animated flashcards and catchy songs. The app also features fun and interactive games using “Miao Mi” characters and simple Mandarin words.

Young children from more than 500 families around the country learn Mandarin at Language Stars, a national leader in early childhood foreign language education. Karen Gould, director of education said, “Language Stars is always looking for fun and easy ways for our students to extend the learning experience into the home. ‘Miao Mi’ provides engaging Mandarin content for kids that can help supplement in-class learning by further developing listening skills and vocabulary."

Yin Yuan, the school partnerships director at Language Stars, said, “As a native Mandarin speaker and former Language Stars teacher, I can see the value of ‘Miao Mi.’ Students need to be immersed in language both in the classroom and at home to fully develop their language skills. ‘Miao Mi’ provides an effective way for kids to extend the learning from the classroom to home."

The vocabulary level on the app matches what K-2 students in Mandarin immersion programs across the U.S. are learning, helping to prepare children who may enter those programs in the future.  A safe, secure and ad-free environment, the “Miao Mi” app features a child-friendly navigation interface and English/Mandarin language support.

The shows on “Miao Mi” app include “Star Babies,” a highly-acclaimed animated series inspired by Chinese icons such as Bruce Lee and the Monkey King, and “Pleasant Goat Fun Class,” an educational series featuring beloved characters from the popular Chinese “Pleasant Goat” kids franchise.

“It is difficult for parents in North America to find quality Chinese language learning resources for their kids,” said Todd Miller, CEO of Celestial Tiger Entertainment, a leading media company in Asia that creates and operates popular channels focusing on Asian entertainment, including “Miao Mi.” “We created ‘Miao Mi’ to give parents a wide range of entertaining and educational programs and games to help give their pre-schoolers a head start learning this increasingly vital global language.”

To download the “Miao Mi” app, go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/miao-mi-learn-mandarin-chinese-for-kids-junior/id1214666746?ls=1&mt=8 on the App Store for iOS.

“Miao Mi” is also available in the United States through Amazon Prime Video on Amazon Channels for $5.99 per month. A 7-day free trial is available. For more information, visit www.miaomi-tv.com.

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