EruditeAI, Leading AI-Driven System to Augment Human Talent, Competes in $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE®

Platform delivers affordable, personalized and collaborative AI supported knowledge sharing among peers at school or work

Montreal, CA (May 30, 2017) -- EruditeAI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that amplifies human talent for K-12 schools, universities and enterprise, today announced its official entry into the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, a global four-year competition challenging teams to develop powerful AI based applications and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with AI to tackle the world’s grand challenges.

EruditeAI, government-backed and headquartered in Montreal with offices in San Francisco, is among the 147 teams from 22 countries that are competing for the $5M prize. In addition to the cash award, the top three finalists will be competing for the grand prize at TED 2020.

The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE aims to accelerate the adoption of AI technologies and spark creative, innovative, and audacious demonstrations of the technology that are truly scalable and solve societal grand challenges. This is XPRIZE’s first “open” competition, wherein teams defined their own goals and will create AI applications that solve some of humanity’s most pressing challenges across a variety of fields.

Currently, individuals face academic and career stagnation due to lack of productivity and learning. Specific to the workforce as reported by IDC, employees waste 35% of their time seeking knowledge before they can even start to use it to produce and grow. EruditeAI is tackling this challenge by using AI to augment human collaboration and knowledge sharing at work or in school.

As a result, its AI system specifically reduces employees search time to 5% and creates, strengthens, and globally scales networks of learners and experts to bridge knowledge gaps.

Unlike other analytics, learning, and communication tools on the market, EruditeAI’s knowledge management system enables individuals to amplify and share expertise through the power of human collaboration. It makes knowledge transfer and up-skilling fast, smart, and authentic through:

•  Mapping in real-time unique knowledge and skills’ profiles of learners

•  Matching learners to the right expert, at the right time

•    Coaching and collaboration among experts within the platform to instantly enhance the quality of expert-to-learner responses

One-to-one learning and talent development is unaffordable, impersonalized and impossible to amplify and EruditeAI is on a mission to make human knowledge shareable and accessible among peers,” said Kathy Benemann, CEO of EruditeAI. “By harnessing the best of AI to fuel human talent, EruditeAI can increase productivity and engagement at school or on the job, and we’re excited to share our solution and compete in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE.”

In April 2017, EruditeAI launched its core AI technology system as a peer-to-peer math tutoring platform at College Beaubois, located in its hometown of Montreal. Also, earlier this year, EruditeAI’s expert-to-learner collaboration solutions were recognized by MIT and the United Nations as a refugee education innovation, and the company will pilot its platform this summer with refugee students in the Middle East.

As an “AI for Good” company and IBM Watson AI XPRIZE participant, EruditeAI has aligned its AI development activities to scale both quality education for students and meaningful work for employees. As such, the company is securing partnerships with companies who seek ways to exponentially elevate workplace productivity and learning through the power AI-fueled human connections.

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About EruditeAI

EruditeAI is an AI platform that supports the augmentation of human talent for K-12 schools, universities and enterprise. Its systems amplify the capacity of expert networks so that learners of any age and background can receive direct, real-time instruction while on the job or in school. EruditeAI is government-backed and headquartered in Montreal with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded by Patrick Poirier in 2015, the EruditeAI team has over 25 years of combined experience in software development, AI and Machine Learning, and educational technologies.


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