City Year Webinar Offers Insight on using Mentors to Improve Social-Emotional Skills of At-Risk Youth

Webinar hosted by Aperture Education Aug. 9, 2017 will explore City Year’s use of mentors and SEL data for progress monitoring


Charlotte N.C. (July 7, 2017) — Providing at-risk youth with opportunities to develop positive relationships and social-emotional skills can have a dramatic impact on their success in school and life. City Year, which supports schools with high dropout rates in 27 cities across the country, will lead a webinar at 2 p.m. EDT Aug. 9, 2017, to share how it has achieved success in this area.


The webinar “Case Study: Using Near-Peer Mentors to Progress Monitor & Foster Social-Emotional Skills” will highlight how City Year AmeriCorps members support students’ social-emotional health by providing individual support to students who need it the most. Schools in the program use the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) for progress monitoring.


The webinar is hosted by social-emotional learning (SEL) company Aperture Education. To register, visit It will feature three members of City Year’s National Program Design and Impact Analytics teams.


Kara Bradley is lead evaluation analyst for City Year. She manages the collection and interpretation of social-emotional data.


Ashley Kurth is senior director of evaluation strategy and operations for City Year. She supports City Year’s use of data and analytics for monitoring student progress, measuring impact, and continuous improvement.


Lisa Klane is national manager of student engagement initiatives for City Year. As part of the National Program Design Team, she creates tools and resources to support AmeriCorps members across the country in running interventions and events to foster social emotional learning and development with their students.


“City Year is a great example of the impact that data-driven mentoring can have on at-risk youth,” said Aperture Education CEO Jessica Adamson. “Our webinar with Kara, Ashley and Lisa will provide a deeper look at what City Year is doing and provide advice on how schools and organizations can achieve success in this area.”


The webinar is part of Aperture Education’s ongoing work to support educators, administers and out-of-school-time providers in implementing social-emotional learning programs within their schools. Aperture Education provides strength-based assessments and resilience-building resources to help organizations address the whole child. Its goal is to ensure members of school and out-of-school time communities, including adults, have the social and emotional skills needed to thrive.


Aperture Education offers products and services to support SEL programs, including Evo Social/Emotional, a K-8 online assessment and intervention tool. It uses the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) to help educators measure students’ SEL skills and implement individualized, classroom and school-wide strategies for instruction and intervention.



About Aperture Education

Aperture Education is a social enterprise focused on addressing the whole child. Its social-emotional learning (SEL) solution, Evo Social/Emotional, is based on the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA), a standardized, strengths-based measure of critical social and emotional skills such as personal responsibility, self-management, relationship skills and healthy decision-making. The Evo Social/Emotional online platform includes both the DESSA assessment and the DESSA-Mini, a brief, universal screener of social and emotional competence. Evo Social/Emotional also provides strategies to strengthen social and emotional skills. Version 2.0, now available, provides the data needed to help SEL program administrators measure the impact of their programs and to help educators understand students’ SEL needs and strengths. For more information, go to