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The free, game-based tool educates students in the form of a video game.


Buda Texas, USA. September 13, 2017 - Kevin Champagne announced a new update to kupiter.org that allows students and teachers to create accounts to personalize their playing experience on the website. Kupiter is a fast-paced, space-themed educational tool that allows students to learn by playing a video game. The website combines the excitement of classic video games with the educational effectiveness of the tried-and-true flashcard set.


In the game, players control a spaceship, blasting asteroids with letters on them in order to answer a question. When a player answers all of the questions in a “question set,” he or she wins the game. Question sets are created by teachers and shared with students via a link or by Google Classroom.


“Kupiter was created due to the lack of genuine, exciting educational games that actually motivate students to learn,” explains 16-year-old Kevin Champagne, creator and developer of Kupiter. “I believe the key aspect of Kupiter is that it takes a ‘games-first’ approach to learning. I developed the game to be a game - and a studying tool that engages students in whatever content they’re studying.” Richard Byrne, author of the blog “Free Technology for Teachers,” writes that, “[Kupiter] is another option to add to your list of fun review activities for students.”


Kupiter’s primary objective, put simply, is to make learning a game, not a chore. To do this, Kupiter incorporates a wide variety of different strategies and features to keep players interested in the game:


Game Mechanics: Kupiter includes power-ups that the player can pick up, enemy spaceships that appear when the player shoots the wrong letter, and combo streaks that boosts the player’s score.

Competition: Players can submit their score after playing, and teachers can even display a real-time leaderboard for any question set, allowing students to compete for the highest score in the class.

Personalization: Players can also create an account on Kupiter, which allows them to track what games they play, create question sets, and customize their playing experience.


About Kevin Champagne: Kevin Champagne, 16, has been programming since the age of 9. Over the past few years, he has created several websites, games, and programs. He has been developing Kupiter, his latest project, since July 2016. Along with programming, he also enjoys animation, photography, and filmmaking.


Kupiter Official Website - https://kupiter.org

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Richard Byrne’s Post - freetech4teachers.com/2017/03/kupiter-asteroids-meets-review-game.html