EDUCAUSE 2017 – Booth 1225

Long gone are the days when the term “huddle” applied only to a school’s football team.

Education today is rife with buzzwords like “huddle spaces,” “maker spaces” and other terms that indicate the modern classroom is a place where collaboration is increasingly changing – and in some settings displacing – the traditional teaching model that has had students sitting by themselves at desks and fending for themselves.

According to The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, the “classroom of the future” will inevitably enhance the emphasis on group learning through student collaboration. And a key to fostering such learning, The Center says, is classrooms filled with “lightweight, moveable and reconfigurable furniture.”

Spectrum Industries realizes the need for the modern, collaborative classroom to be capable of adopting a unique look and feel. For that reason, Spectrum created the Optio Collaboration Table and the Flex Active Table. Both are based off the idea of the active, group-based, student-focused style of learning that is at the heart of the collaborative classroom.

Spectrum tables fit the bill

Spectrum Industries offers a variety of instructional tables, all designed and built with the ergonomic, technological and convenience needs of the modern, collaborative classroom in mind. And you can be assured that all are built with the highest-quality materials and with both beauty and function in mind.

The lightweight Flex Active Table is easy to set up and move, allowing for quick and easy reconfiguring of the learning environment. This table is available in three sizes, each offering features to meet any classroom need, including ADA-accessible options that allow for full engagement by all users.

The Optio Collaboration Table is designed with group work in mind, featuring cutouts for power outlets and the sharing of AV and other learning technologies. Its high-quality casters ensure easy mobility, and the optional electric eLift technology makes adjusting the table height from sitting to standing as simple as pushing a button. Optio is the Latin word for options, and this table clearly provides students and educators with plenty of those.

Spectrum tables durable, functional

All Spectrum tables feature inset legs that allow students to rotate their chairs without banging their knees. And all can be ordered with durable casters that allow them to be moved easily around the collaborative classroom.   

Spectrum Expressions allows you to create a personalized, coordinated look in your classroom by choosing from a wide range of color options for your furniture finishes. And to complete the personalized look, customizable logo panels are available on most Spectrum furniture.

About Spectrum Industries

Based in Chippewa Falls, WI, Spectrum Industries is a leading manufacturer of top-quality furniture that can be found in classrooms – from kindergartens to colleges – across the United States. To better serve your clients who are striving to meet the demands of the modern collaborative classroom, look no further than Spectrum Industries.

Spectrum classroom furniture is flexible, durable and, perhaps most importantly, affordable. And all Spectrum products are designed and assembled in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.