Could The Twins Call Up Zach Featherstone For The 2018 Season?

It appears as if the Minnesota Twins are set in their rotation, one through three and possibly at the fourth spot in the rotation for 2018. Yet, one of the big lingering questions hovering above for Twins management and coaching staff is whether or not 44 year old, Bartolo Colon will continue or retire. The veteran pitched solidly in 2017 finishing with a 5.18 ERA.

So where does Charlotte native, and Tallahassee College product, Zach Featherstone fit in?

Zach Featherstone, actually started the sport as a first baseman, and then moved to right field, playing solid defense in 2016. But, scouting reports indicated he had a rocket of an arm, so the Gulf Coast League Twin decided to try him out on the mound.

The lefty performed decently but didn’t exactly light up the league either. Pitchers like Fernando Romero and Stephen Gonsalves figure to factor into the professional ball club’s rotation before Featherstone.

One thing for sure is, the competition will be fierce as Romero and Gonsalves slang it out with the likes of Jose Berrios and Kyle Gibson for a spot. One place Featherstone could find a role in, if they call his number for Spring Training, is in a relief pitching role. He did register 2 saves and an impressive 6.46 strikeouts per nine innings.

Clearly, the Twins are set with their Ace pitcher, Ervin Santana.

If Zach Featherstone gets the chance, and can keep a hold of his command, he could find himself a position in this Twins’ crowded starting rotation for the 2018 season.

Zach Featherstone
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