What is Paper.io and How to Play It?

Paper.io is an addictive game that you play with other gamers on multiple platforms.

It is hard to find a video game that you will love playing for many hours. The industry is full of video games that promises much entertainment, however, once you install it on your phone or computer, you realize that it is just a mediocre game, and you will decide to uninstall it. Why would you do such a try and error process, when you can read what the reviewers are telling and just play the best games. Nowadays, a lot of people are playing a trendy type of games called io games. These games are usually played online with other players. One of the latest io game is Paper.io

Paperio has been released at the end of 2017, and it gained immediate success. Today there are tens of thousands of active players. In paper io you are a tiny piece of paper, and your goal is to cover the whole map with the color of your paper. When your square of paper moves, it leaves a trail. This trail must go back to your color block to obtain the encircled territory. The strategy is to take over the territory slowly, as when you are not in your own territory, and when you are leaving a trail, other players can move over it and you will get destroyed. All your conquered areas will become blank, and you will have to start over in another map or the same one. However, do not forget that your conquered territories can be taken by your enemies, and even though you may be extending your empire in a different part of the map, some other players will take your own territory from the other end. It may seem complicated, but once you try it, you will understand the rules right away. It is a very fast-paced game, at the same time quite addictive. To play the game you will need just a computer connected to the internet. The game runs perfectly in any browser, and to start it you just insert your username and press start. You will jump directly into the game. Sometimes, schools and other organizations block the access to online games, but Gazpo has written a nice tutorial for you to overcome this impediment.

Paper-io is one the latest addition to the io games, and it is quite addictive and easy to master.

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