Blewberrie Announces Nationwide Partnership with Jack and Landlords

4600 Properties to Launch on October 1

September, 8th, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV - Blewberrie Private Rental Listings announced today that it is joining forces with Jack and Landlords, taking Jack and Landlords on as a third party security deposit guarantor. Starting on October 1, Blewberrie will launch 4,600 properties nationwide using Jack and Landlords to lease to tenants without a security deposit requirement.

Blewberrie offers these services at no cost to landlords or real estate investors, and always looking to innovate in ways such as the partnership with Jack and Landlords.

"We are happy to implement this new system," said Blewberrie founder and CEO, Arahman Morocco. "It represents our constant focus on innovating as we are the first full property management leasing and automation company of its kind in the world."

Blewberrie - Founder and CEO, Arahman Morocco
Phone: (480) 319-1925
Email: [email protected]

Jack and Landlords - Founder and CEO, Calvin Brock
Phone: 704-287-7666
Email: [email protected]