Remote Learning with CK-12: Free Resources, Live Lessons, and More

Posted Apr 08, 2020

(Palo Alto, April 8, 2020) -- CK-12 is a deeply interactive and intelligent K-12 learning platform.

We've served over 120 million users since 2012, both in-school and homeschool. In the past few weeks, we’ve become one of the top 400 websites in the United States. We’re 100% free.

CK-12 lets students learn in their own way, whether by reading, watching videos, exploring interactive simulations, or answering personalized practice questions. We empower educators with fully customizable digital textbooks and smart insights about their students.

We’re helping teachers, parents, and districts transition to remote learning as easily as possible.

1. We’ve created a new resource page with the most popular math and science lessons at this time of year.

2. We host webinars every week, often with more than 1000 people attending.

3. We offer live lessons in math and science every day on our YouTube page.

Join our global community and see what we have to offer!