The Graide Network Launches 4-Week AP® Exam Prep to Better Prepare Students for New Exam Format

Posted Apr 08, 2020

Leading ed-tech organization launches online AP® support program so that school closures, exams changes don't hinder student success on exams

(Chicago, April 8, 2020) --  The Graide Network, the leading provider of online grading and feedback support to K-12 schools, is offering a 4-week test prep program to help AP® teachers and students prepare for this year’s newly announced and unprecedented AP® exam format. The test prep program can be implemented 100% online and provides teachers with access to rigorous and content-aligned resources right away as students urgently prepare for the upcoming test. 

Amid school closures, the College Board®  announced that this year’s AP® exams will be online, shorter in length, and composed entirely of free-response questions (FRQs). FRQs are usually a critical component of the AP® exam, but this year they account for 100% of the exam format and score. In informal surveys, AP® students indicated an overwhelming preference for multiple-choice exams as FRQs are perceived to be more challenging and FRQ practice is often missing or lacking in traditional test prep resources.

The Graide Network’s 4-week AP® test-prep program provides teachers and students with the support they need to prepare for this year’s modified exams:

1. High-quality practice and feedback. Students have the opportunity to complete practice FRQs and receive personalized feedback and detailed scoring from our vetted, qualified readers. Students benefit from weekly practice and in-depth feedback leading up to the exam.

2. Remote learning environment + support for students with limited technology. The program can be implemented 100% online. Students can submit typed or handwritten work.

3. Ease of use. Teachers can log on to our web application from any laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. All they need is a device and WiFi to access our AP® Prompt Library and assign work to their students to be completed at home.

4. Equitable support. The program costs $13 per student, and we've waiving all teacher training and school implementation fees to support schools affected by COVID-19.

Decades of research have shown that feedback is the single leading driver of achievement and critical for students in the test prep process. The Graide Network’s expert readers give students feedback that is actionable, specific, and curriculum-aligned, designed to foster reflection, increase comprehension, and improve students’ understanding of their individual strengths and areas for growth. 

There are only a few weeks to prepare before the first exam date on May 11 and The Graide Network is ready to help teachers get started right away. For more information about the program visit:


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